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My Story

Hello there,

I’m Charlie

Yoga teacher, movement enthusiast and health and wellness advocate from the UK,  living and teaching in Staffordshire. My yoga practice started in a little corner on my bedroom floor, with a very basic mat, no co-ordination and little awareness of my body and its abilities.  I didn’t have much understanding of asana back then, but I quickly began to learn and within a year of home practice it became a part of my every day.


Yoga allowed me to completely check out of the stresses and compelling list of do’s that governed my day to day and instead come back to the present moment and simply enjoy being. I was immediately taken by how immersive the practice is, finding that is was the perfect way to get out of my head and tune into my body and breath. 

My Vinyasa practice grew from a love of playing with transitions, linking movements and discovering new ways to enter in and out of postures. To me Vinyasa means freedom to explore movement, I've always liked to think of it as a dance between myself and the mat.

In 2019 I studied with Frog Lotus Yoga International to become a Vinyasa teacher. Since training to become a teacher I made it my sole mission to spread joy through movement to as many people in as many places as I can. 

My teaching style stems from what I love; combining intuitive movements with creative sequencing, designed to deliver a dynamic practice that promotes a balance between strength and flexibility. I aspire to teach sequences that spark the imagination and leave students going away feeling excited to make discoveries of their own.